What Is Happening In Our Lives Up To This Moment Of Time? Amazing! Read On…

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!
Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 3:45 am
Father, thanks for showing me what is and has been happening to me practically all of my life—for showing me about all of the weird things that happen while I sleep.
Those happenings are not really ordinary dreams, rather, those are actual deeds from evil spirits that come to harass me while I am sleeping! What am I talking about?
I am talking about a subject that has been rehashed by scholars as well as by ordinary individuals that consider themselves to have sense of the spiritual or psychic powers to reach the unknown spiritual sphere for whatever reason.
I have read much about such things and I have dabbed a bit into those things trying to figure out what is it that they are talking about to see if such things would benefit me.
Even so, to make it clear to all, I am not a psychic much less have any special powers of any kind! Absolutely not! So? What gives me any authority to talk about this matter?
Experience! More than knowledge, experience authorizes what I will relate in this writing. More than that, as it is well known to any sensible individual, God exists and is in control of the Universe and all there in including ourselves, period!
Based on those two facts I will relate what the Loving Father/Creator of our beings, commonly known as ‘God’ is and has been revealing to me about my personal weird experiences while I sleep.

Most all, including myself in the past, consider these weird experiences while I sleep to be simply nightmares or weird dreams that mean nothing at all!
And the expression goes, ‘It’s just a dream, a bad dream! Forget about it! It is not true! It’s just a dream!’ trying to comfort anyone experiencing those things while sleeping!
Well, I have always wondered & pondered about it all! I have always known that there is a difference in all that happens while we sleep.
Furthermore, I submitted my whole being—will, spirit, mind, soul and body to our Father/Creator. In turn, our Father/Creator has granted me the privilege to live in His Presence for real not in any fabricated idea of my mind or anyone else’s ideas of what it means to live in His Presence.
Thus, my life in His Presence is pretty much a life as if I was living in the presence of an ideal earthly father—a father that loves & cares for you to perfection!
Such an earthly father is not the norm in this world, but, all of us long for such father, and, some come close to the blessing of such but only for a short period of time.
Even so, when one is born from the loins of such man, when one is born to a good father, one’s love & respect for such father has no limits. Whatever father says & does becomes the law to live by for that one.
It’s the same in the spiritual realm. When one comes into a father relationship with the Almighty Creator of our beings, the Almighty Creator ceases to be the general deity that all claim as their ‘God’!
When one comes into a father relationship with the Almighty Creator of our beings, the Almighty Creator becomes the reality of our existence and we no longer fit into the reality of the world that we inhabit in the physical sense.
What is it that I am seemingly rambling on about? This is the necessary background that must be given for the reader to understand where is the basis for what I am to relate next.
Coming to the point of this writing. What is it that Father has been revealing to me about all the happening to me practically all of my life—about all of the weird things that happen while I sleep?
While I sleep Father speaks to me in dreams that His Spirit deciphers for me as I go along in my daily journey in His Presence.
Such dreams are awesome in the way that Father communicates with me. Even so, many times, weird things happen while I sleep, especially when there is a breakthrough in communicating with one of His chosen people—in the present this person is Ahmad.
Whenever Ahmad and I make a spiritual connection, these weird things multiply even and more so when Ahmad is not present. What kind of weird things?
For example, in the last week, while sleeping I have seen Ahmad come in my place while the door is locked then while still sleeping I am questioning him as to how he got in to which was no answer, instead Ahmad proceeds to tell me that one of my daughters is sick!
I woke up with my heart beating fast looking all over for Ahmad until fully awake I emailed to my daughter and my daughter proceeds to reassure me that nothing was wrong with her and suggests for me to go back to sleep!
That was the last weird thing. But before in the past and in the last week Ahmad has been here doing things that frighten me while he is away and I sleep!
On top of that many of times and once in the last week something has shaken me by my toe to waken me up and when I wake up, no one is there!
Furthermore, I have been into a veritable slump for the last few weeks as I see the weird problems that I are taking place in Ahmad’s life compound by all the problems and situations that I see going on all around my world!
Thus, I have been waiting for Father to instruct me as to the meaning of all of these weird happenings and my reaction to all of it—I have been waiting on His instructions and this morning I have His answer.
What is the meaning and reason for all of these weird things, actually so common among all of us? The answer, these weird things are actually the weapon in Satan’s hands to defeat us!
And in the actual existence of all human beings Satan has successfully used this weapon to destroy the majority of human beings—this is the cause not only for broken relationships as well as for all human criminal activity! How is that so?
Many scholars have come to such conclusion and have devised solutions for such matter, but none have come up with a permanent solution because there is not a human solution to be had!
Moreover, Father has revealed the matter to me this morning in a way that I have not heard from any of the most trusted sources in this world.
What is the reason why human beings have not found a permanent solution for this problem? Because, hardly anyone is looking at or even considering the fact that we have a human nature that is opposite to the nature of our Father/Creator!
Thus, all human beings including the ones that are born of our Father, all humans for the most live a natural life by their will, their mind and their senses.
Furthermore and most tragic is the fact that all human beings for the most are adamant to reconsider their ways and accept the fact that the human nature is opposite to the nature of our Father/Creator!
Because human beings live by their natural human nature, in spite of many who claim that it is not so. What gives me the authority to make such statement?
Our Father/Creator gives me such authority as He commands me to proclaim upon the roof tops the things that He whispers to me in my ear, as it is written,

What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered in the ear, proclaim upon the housetops. And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; but rather be afraid of Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Gehenna). Matthew 10:27-28

Yes, in the darkness of my last few days, as I woke up this morning Father whispered to me, “Satan takes advantage of all the faults of any of you to set you all against each other”
Father then opened my eyes and my ears to see and to hear what has been happening between Ahmad & I all of these years since I met Ahmad.
Ahmad is an exceptional man by all meanings of the word! And in my corner, without any conceit because I am what I am by the grace of the Father/Creator, I am also an exceptional woman.
Because of our exceptionally we both do things totally out of the ordinary and we both are well aware of such fact and we have come to develop an extraordinary loving relationship of mother & son!
All of this is not really any of our doings, but it is all orchestrated by the hand of our Father/Creator. If it was not by the design & purpose of the Almighty Creator of our beings there will not be any such a thing as Ahmad in my life—that’s for sure!
All that being said, for the last six years plus, I have witnessed amazing things happening in both Ahmad and my life—I have seen both, the work of our Father & the work of Satan attempting to destroy both Ahmad & I because we are in our Father’s favorites list!
The happenings in our lives have been from violent to loving and in between, but, finally we have come into a peaceful & loving understanding of each other! That’s the problem! That’s the cause for all of these weird things happening lately!
Because there is actual peace & understanding of each other and the anger & violent moments in our lives have ceased, Satan is now impersonating Ahmad to harass me and put doubt & suspicion in my mind as to Ahmad’s integrity!
In Ahmad’s side, Satan has caused Ahmad so many insurmountable problems to the extreme of Ahmad coming to the point of losing his mind and his life plus making Ahmad totally unable to concentrate on anything of eternal value for him and his family and people.
Alright, to this moment, how have we reacted in the face of such hostility? In my part I have become suspicious of Ahmad mainly on account of his past performances but also of his present behavior—his human faults!
Likewise with Ahmad. In his part, Ahmad wants nothing to do with me when he is under the pressure of my suspicions. And how do I pressure him with my suspicions?
Very easy thing to do for any human being including my own self! We do it in the name of love! We do it with the good intentions to bring the other person to see what the other person is doing to harm not only themselves but also how the other person is harming us!
And that goes also for the obsession to save souls by all human means possible. We pray and we do all kinds of things to get the other person to repent! With good intentions we want to ‘save’ all from the pit of hell!
WOW! Is that a fact or is it not? My whole life of praying and casting out demons from other people in my private prayer life has flashed in my memory at this very instant!
And with the flashing of my life also comes the flashing of the lives of everyone of my acquaintance! The life of my beautiful children and loving friends—all full to the top with good intentions to help, to save, to make this world a better place to live!
WOW! For me, what a revelation to strengthen my witness of our Father’s Presence in my life! What a revelation to set me completely free even from unfounded suspicions about Ahmad’s integrity! What a revelation to equip me with my Father’s wisdom to discern the wiles of Satan!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia.

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