Why Should You Read My Books? No Kidding! I Am Not Really Interested In Becoming A Best Seller….

Description Of My Books. Why Should You Read My Books?

No kidding! I am not really interested in becoming a best seller, though that I do not shun any income that could be generated by my books. My highest priority is to touch the mind & heart of many souls with the Power of Love From On High! For the books in my repertoire will change many lives, unlike any other self-help book ever written except for the Bible if the Bible is properly absorbed! Therefore, I am sure that these books will be read with the minimal promotional effort.

So? What’s my deal? Alright, let me put it like this: right now the market is saturated with all kinds of information—too much information about anything under the sun enough to boggle anyone’s mind!

So, why not the kind of content in the series My Reality: Dying in the Present! Living in Eternity! Power From On High? Volume 1?
Power From On High is not an ordinary religion or religious or even spiritual book at all!
Power From On High is not just an information book to educate anyone on anything!
Power From On High is not even an ordinary emotional, religious testimony liken the many out there to move your emotions!

So, what is Power From On High!? Good question and I am glad you are waiting for an answer!

What is Power From On High!? Indeed! Power From On High! is a real & unique experience of a relationship with the Father/Creator of our beings!

This relationship came into existence by the most ordinary means that anyone can imagine—the same means between an ordinary father & mother and their child—the child is born and from thereon is up to the parents to establish that bonding relationship!

That is the same situation that takes place between us and our Father/Creator.

The problem is that we have been programmed to believe all sorts of things that not only complicate our lives but also keep us ignorant of our identity with our Father/Creator!

Power From On High! is an account of how our Father/Creator has deprogrammed yours truly in order to restore that relationship that I had lost or even never really understood!

Read on to find how the Master patiently deals with this rebellious thing that by nature I am; day by day, one blow after the next, bickering, crying, repenting, struggling to understand …

Finally! No more dependence in her own thinking & feelings! No more struggling to understand! Emerged as a powerful witness for the honor of her Master!

Now, in the reality of books to catch & hold the interest of the reader perhaps this book does not measure up because at first sight there is nothing spectacular about the details of my daily existence.

In fact the day to day struggle with my carnal self goes on & on—now I am up in the mountain of hope next thing I am down in the valley of despair and repeat!

Even so, the beauty of it all lies in the Loving Spirit of our Father/Creator inhabiting in the depth of my being molding, leading & directing me in the way that I should go at all times!

It is my hope for the beauty of that Loving Spirit to catch & hold the reader’s interest from the beginning to the end!
May it so be done!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


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