Response To Those Labeled As Bipolar Disorder, Varying Degrees Of And Various Types Of Depression, Varying Degrees Of Psychosis—ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Schizophrenia And What Have You….

The end before the post itself….
Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 2:39 am
Father, You are leading me all the way, that’s for sure! I got up around 1:00 am. Checking my emails I found a new follower,
A Place to be Real just started following you at
Of course, I checked her blog.  Much impressed as I read her about page until I came to the end and ..dropped my jaw! Wow! What a parallel to my own diagnosis a long time ago.
I started to write a comment. On second thought it came to me to write a post in response to the many bloggers that are searching for answers or willing to share their lives to encourage all traveling in the same boat labeled as Mental Insanity.
Many are following the blogs created by yours truly under the leading & direction of our Father/Creator of our beings, hopefully to find the reality of such conditions.
I cannot make any predictions or formulate anything about what is happening with the posts that are attracting so many in such a short time.
Rather, I can make a candid observation about it all, ‘Our Father/Creator is accomplishing His loving will in the lives of each one of His children, one by one all over the four corners of the earth.’
May it so be done! His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia.

Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:01 am
Father? Thanks for Your Presence in my being and in my life. Because of Your Presence I can face tomorrow. Because of Your Presence all fears & worries akin to mankind are gone!

What a blessed life to live in the midst of this poignant & treacherous world that we are all doomed to live in!

Indeed, we live in a poignant world—a world where a sensitive and delicate and fragile soul cannot survive but by Your Presence in the heart.

Father? In the blogging world I am learning much about these sensitive and delicate and fragile souls. Many of them have found You and many are still searching.

I do not know whether You are working or not through the writings You have me to publish. I do not have to know. For hope is the evidence of things not yet seen.

Even so my Father, You know how rough it gets when the time goes by and I do not hear from anyone. I have been sleeping for the last couple of hours.

It is now 1:43 pm. I have not heard from anyone, not even from Ahmad. How can I stop my thinking, O Father of mine? One thing is good—I am not in panic letting my imagination run wild.

Instead, I know, somehow I know that You are working all things together for our good. There is no need for me to panic or dwell in all kinds of imaginations.

I refuse to panic, I cast all my imaginations under Your feet. Trample away my Master. I wait on You with patience & composure in the hope of our deliverance.

Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 1:12 am
I sense in my heart that this day you have crossed my path for a most definite purpose.

I dare not even think as to the nature of such purpose. I look forward to continue following you and see what transpires. It is written,

There are some things in those epistles of Paul that are difficult to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist and misconstrue to their own utter destruction, just as they distort and misinterpret the rest of the Scriptures.

O people, people, Open your eyes and see how ignorant and unstable fools we are! I speak for all of us because I have been an ignorant & unstable fool most of my life just like the rest of my dear brothers & sisters!

How dare I make such statement? Three main reasons qualify me to state such a thing,

1. The Catholic Church intimidated me for the first half of my life to believe IN the Catholic Church and nothing else!
2. I felt into the staunch beliefs & doctrines of the Baptist Church along the whole of Christian Systems! From paying my 10% mandatory tithes to not ever touch the anointed leader of whatever group I had joined! I was a faithful Christian paying my dues & abiding by the understanding of the Scriptures of my leaders and of myself.
3. I got out of the Christian wagon and got a hold of the Messianic & Hebraic roots movement only to eventually find out that this movement is not a bit different in the heart of the wicked carnal self of mankind—in fact this group is even worse than the traditional groups.

Well in the midst of these three stages of my life Yahushua stepped into my life in 1985 and changed me forever!

He steadied my steps and in 1987 His Set-Apart Spirit provided for me a benefactor. This benefactor—a unique gentleman among mankind, gave me an apartment to live in and supported me at a time when I had no means to support my own self.

In this apartment, His Set-Apart Spirit separated me from it all—churches, groups, books, teachers & teachings.

The whole kit & caboodle I was to discard and dedicate myself to record only what the Set-Apart Spirit would inspire to me as I went through the Scriptures!

I obeyed and I committed—submitted myself to His Set-Apart Spirit until 1992. But then there was a drastic change in my life when my benefactor died in 1992.

In the process of my grief I faulted because I was still unstable & ignorant. I sought back the fellowship of what I considered to be the believers in different denominations.

Also with much zeal I attempted to please my children so, I went along with all of their beliefs & practices until 2007.

In the meantime during those 12 years from 1995-2007 I put myself under the care of the medical profession only to wind up in the emergency room at the point of death in May of 2007!

At that time the Set-Apart Spirit had begun to open my eyes to the reality of my unstable state of ignorance.

Then, suddenly! on Saturday September 15, 2007 Yahushua stepped into my life once again and convicted me of my faulting 12 years.

I heard His voice telling me something to this effect, “You are in that condition because you have regressed to your past ways. You can no longer hear Me because your mind is dull with all those pills you are ingesting, your spirit is asleep because of your busyness with people. You are no longer following Me instead you are following the doctors that are prescribing your death.”

For I had regressed to it all—churches, groups, books, teachers & teachings, the whole kit & caboodle that I was to discard and dedicate myself to record only what the Set-Apart Spirit would inspire to me as I went through the Scriptures!

Not only that, but during that time I lived under the influence of all kinds of prescribed drugs that I and my family considered necessary for me to function in spite of my many illnesses.

For I was staunchly determined to function and take care of the widows & the orphans—I was very busy doing my Christian duty!

And so on that day as my eyes & ears were opened, unknown power came to me and I got up and flushed down the toilet nearly $1000.00 of prescribed drugs!

I resigned my respectable position as a Senior Companion. O cancelled all my doctor’s appointments.

Once again & forever or for good I submitted myself to my Master Yahuwah /Yahushua!

It’s now July of 2013 and I can now see very clear what an ignorant & unstable woman I used to be along with all my brothers & sisters that to this day refuse to admit their ignorant instability and remain stuck in all of their staunch beliefs & aberrations.

Unfortunately, my statement is not coming from my head but so it’s written in more than one passage of the written words of our Father—the Scriptures!

What is going to take for my brothers & sisters and my children to see & hear? I don’t know! But I don’t have to know for Father knows and He alone knows best!

And I thank my Father for empowering me to live above my doubts & feelings as I observe the whole spectrum of happily confused humanity just living a happy life at any cost!

For that is all that my doubts & feelings are—just that and, nothing that can affect my stand in the love of our Father for us all!

His love shall lift us all in spite of our willful ignorance! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!

Candidly and with His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia.

Go back to the previous post for better understanding of the present one.


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I'm an inspirational writer—in the daily journal of my life lived in the Presence of the Almighty Creator of our beings I write about Truth & Life: eternal as well as temporal life. I am not into any kind of religion, crusade, group or the likes at all! For no one can find Truth or Life eternal in such way. So I am blogging this matter in the journal of my life for all to see the reflection of both lives as I record the daily interchange between my Maker & I.

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8 thoughts on “Response To Those Labeled As Bipolar Disorder, Varying Degrees Of And Various Types Of Depression, Varying Degrees Of Psychosis—ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Schizophrenia And What Have You….”

  1. Wow! Awesome!!

    We have so many parallels!

    I really have a great relationship with God and He has done mighty things in my life too! There are times I feel closer to Him than others, but I know He’s still there. We have an intimate relationship because of what He’s shown me and brought me through.

    I stay away from organized religion. I don’t feel comfortable in church anymore. I think I’ve just been around too many religious fanatics!! I don’t know.

    There are a couple things that I have read that have really moved me Spiritually. I’d like for you to look at them if you get time.

    This one made me see things in such an interesting way. Especially when they talk about a pregnant woman. Here’s the excerpt of that:

    “The soul and body of man are united in this way: When a woman has conceived, the Angel of the Night, Lailah, carries the sperm before God, and God decrees what manner of human being shall become of it–whether it shall be male or female, strong or weak, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, long or short, fat or thin, and what all its other qualities shall be. Piety and wickedness alone are left to the determination of man himself. Then God makes a sign to the angel appointed over the souls, saying, “Bring Me the soul so-and-so, which is hidden in Paradise, whose name is so-and-so, and whose form is so-and-so.” The angel brings the designated soul, and she bows down when she appears in the presence of God, and prostrates herself before Him. At that moment, God issues the command, “Enter this sperm.” The soul opens her mouth, and pleads: “O Lord of the world! I am well pleased with the world in which I have been living since the day on which Thou didst call me into being. Why dost Thou now desire to have me enter this impure sperm, I who am holy and pure, and a part of Thy glory?” God consoles her: “The world which I shall cause thee to enter is better than the world in which thou hast lived hitherto, and when I created thee, it was only for this purpose.” The soul is then forced to enter the sperm against her will, and the angel carries her back to the womb of the mother. Two angels are detailed to watch that she shall not leave it, nor drop out of it, and a light is set above her, whereby the soul can see from one end of the world to the other. In the morning, an angel carries her to Paradise and shows her the righteous, who sit there in their glory, with crowns upon their heads. The angel then says to the soul, “Dost thou know who these are?” She replies in the negative, and the angel goes on: “These whom thou beholdest here were formed, like unto thee, in the womb of their mother. When they came into the world, they observed God’s Torah and His commandments. Therefore, they became the partakers of this bliss which thou seest them enjoy. Know, also thou wilt one day depart from the world below, and if thou wilt observe God’s Torah, then wilt thou be found worthy of sitting with these pious ones. But if not, thou wilt be doomed to the other place.””

    If you’re interested in looking further into it here’s the site:

    Then I read about a woman’s visit to Hell. Jesus took her there so she could write a book and warn people of their terrible fate!

    I believe every word that she says.


    1. O my sister, I have heard of Mary Baxter before. It totally amazes me how our Father leads & directs me to all things I need to know on the due time. There are so many things that we do not understand. Father put it to me this way, “The extend of evil cannot fit in the human’s mind.”
      Reading the accounts of several likened to Mary Baxter availed me for a time. But then, Father has led me to follow His Spirit and to put aside all things that were in my mind in my past.
      At the moment, for the last couple hours He has led me to read Mary Baxter’s account of hell again. Why? Because I have been wondering about all such things.
      Even so, in reading this account of hell and who would go there, I have not found anything about the one thing that the Spirit of our Father has led me to expose or the matter of Yoga and all those New Age practices–what He has revealed to me to be the Beautiful Side of Evil. Perhaps such will come later. Will see. Thanks for the links. I take them from our Father’s hands for His purposes for the work that He is doing among these people. 🙂

      1. I don’t do Yoga or New Age. I’m totally adverse to exercise and Yoga is too close. I don’t know anyone into the New Age and I’ve always blown it off pretty much. What’s it about?

        After I read Mary Baxter I changed a lot of the things I did in my practices. I totally stayed away from anything Wiccan and I had dabbled in it. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong for anyone else but I was using it to manipulate the situation. Although once in a while I do the Tarot cards. Last time I did it I liked the message I got.

        I think everyone’s philosophy is right to some degree. I don’t judge what other people think but I do judge what I should think.

        If it makes my heart feel light and free and good I go for it. If I feel not so good I hesitate and try to sum up my motives 🙂

    2. Again, I failed to mention how much joy you bring to me as you bring me to the Torah–point of our connection! HaHaHa! HalleluYah! So much there is to share. I must visit your blog often and hope you do the same with mine. 🙂

      1. Me too, loves yours. and of course, love mine as well! lol just kidding. It’s Shabbat over here. I celebrate it just Father & I but, soon we will all celebrate it in the Presence of our Master!

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