It Is All The Work Of The Spirit Of Our Father Creator Within Ourselves In His Due Time.

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April 6, 2016 at 10:17 am
Vincent? I will comment about this post in a post I will write today I hope? For what is stated here about the freedom to choose? It is the truth. But only part of the truth? What do we do with our freedom to choose? We always choose death. Oh?

Exactly? There is a way that seems right unto us but, at the end? There is death.
Take this for an example? When I was presented with a copy of the Bible for the first time in my life in 1974? I began to read. I read something to the effect, ‘they left their fishing nets to follow Yahushua’.

What? Why in the world anyone with a couple ounces of common sense would leave their business and their father to follow an stranger? There is something wrong here.

It was not until April 27, 2007 that I totally understood that ‘why’ of my stupefaction. That’s was the day when the Master called me to go to the Lost Sheep of Israel. My reaction? Same as those two in the reading of my first passage in the Bible that 1974.

It is all the work of the Spirit of our Father/Creator within ourselves in His due time. For all things in our Father/Creator’s world happen in His time, not a minute before or after. On to write that post.:-)

Ah! Here is the rub? That’s how O my Father that You are directing my way at every turn of it. Me? I am Your soldier at attention.

Even so? I been vacillating. Thinking & feeling & rejecting both. Frustrated & disgusted. Discouraged & tempted to quit not only You but Ahmad and the whole kit & caboodle of my human acquaintances including my own flesh and blood. At the same time?

Glad & grateful & submissive unto You. You tell me sit! I sit. You tell me go! I go. Go figure it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 6:08 pm

Father? Why am I feeling so blue? What is troubling me? I wish I could cry but tears are not there. Only the oppression in my heart.

O fleeting & disturbing emotions beating on my heart? Where can you go? O my Father! I cast these feelings unto You for You are the Master of my being.

Father? It’s now 6:41 pm. Could it be the time of the day for my emotions to deflate Perhaps it is the situation with monies that You have not provided for me to spend unnecessarily? Nay!

I sense that my problem is still Ahmad. I sense his troubled soul. I sense his lostness. I sense what You are sensing about Ahmad.

I sense his cringing fear! Crippling fear of losing his beloved wife & children should he renounce the ways of the world and accept the ways of our Father/Creator.

Indeed! As a human being? By nature? I have no use for fearful people. They anger me! I tend to label them as cowards and ban them from my sight just like any other human being would do.

Hum! The Spirit within my being? Always there to convict me of my arrogance. Anger. Panic & despair? Slink away. Compassion. Wisdom. Understanding come into play big time.

The peace from Your Presence in my being settles within. I wait on You. There is no room for anger, panic & despair. No room for the demons to spare. I cast this burden unto You? For You care for my Ahmad. And for me as well You care.

In due time You will come through for us for the sake & honor of Your name.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


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