Chapter 2

Man against himself

Indeed! Those scars were erased in 1979 during a prayer session. The incident took place when two new friends, Margaret & Gilda have been praying for a few weeks with this mother because she had become a depressed & battered woman; for this mother was stuck in the same humdrum of depression most common all around; and such being the reason, this mother came to ask for prayer counseling from Margaret & Gilda.

And so on that especial day Margaret instructed this mother to talk about her childhood. This mother disdainfully answered her that she had been to the psychiatrists & talked about her childhood & did not need to talk about it anymore! But Margaret stood her ground and exclaimed with much authority, “Talk about it anyhow because the Lord says for you to talk about your childhood”

And this mother began to weep as she recalled her tragic childhood for even before she had to go to those horrible six years under the horse whip of dona Carmen, she recollected the sexual abuse she had suffered at the hands of her uncle & brothers…

And when those awful recollections were fully confessed words came to her mind; from the Spirit of our Father in heaven these words came to her,

“I saved you from all of that for my own glory!”

And this woman mouthed out those words and as she did, the heavy burden she had been carrying up to that moment of time was literally lifted up!

And this woman knew from that instant on that she was not to be depressed again! Even though, this woman had to go to the process of purification that was to take place in the course of the rest of her days on this earth.

On to the next chapter of this story, Chapter 3



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