Chapter 8

In Retrospect Let’s Continue With This Story As We Go Back To The Period Of Her Life Before That Glorious Day Of June 20, 1985…

Yes, all things written in the Bible have come to pass and will come to pass until every single event shall be fulfilled. Man’s human nature and the carnal self within the flesh of man comes to light in the Bible in the acts and behavior of the people of old times.

And all of those acts and people’s behavior from the beginning of time have been written for an example to all men throughout the ages. Such revelation the mother did not have before because she was not reading the Bible with the purpose and intent with which the Bible is supposed to be read.

But, as the Almighty  corrected and lifted the mother up to walk in His ways she became to understand and receive the revelation of  the Almighty. The mother realized then that her behavior has been just like the people of Israel and Judah. It is written,

Jeremiah 5:11-13 (LBV)

“For the people of Israel and Judah are full of treachery against me, says the Master. They have lied and said, ‘He won’t bother us! No evil will come upon us! There will be neither famine nor war!’  the Almighty ‘s prophets, they say, ‘are windbags full of words with no divine authority. Their claim of doom will fall upon themselves, not us!'”

Jeremiah 11:1-3 (LBV)

“Then the Master spoke to Jeremiah once again and said: Remind the men of Judah and all the people of Jerusalem that I made a contract with their fathers-and cursed is the man who does not heed it!”

The mother had been born and raised and educated in Guatemala. But her father died when the mother was only on her first year of high school. One of the sons of the mother’s father—half brother who was a lawyer assumed the guardianship over the mother and her five siblings.

The mother did not get along with her half-brother at all and when she graduated from high school, of course, they split because the half-brother wanted for the mother to go to work but the mother wanted to go to college and further her education.

Well, since the mother was by that time of legal age and since she was very proud and obstinate and since her half-brother refused to help her when she graduated from high school, the mother felt compelled to go on my own, only to get into big trouble. For in less than a year she got herself into a big mess.

But it so happened that after her graduation, when she went on her own, the mother began attending the Church for the North American Community in Guatemala for the mother was a very devout Catholic and in that Church she had the opportunity to attend mass every day.

The priest who was the head in that Church was from Boston. And because of her daily attendance she became close to that priest and the mother clung to the priest for advice and for help. He was a kind and practical priest—he did not get holy and condemned the mother for the mess in which she had gotten herself into, but rather he offered good and sound advice to the mother.

For this priest knew of the big mess the mother was in, for he knew that the mother was fresh out of the Convent Boarding School, and that the unsuspecting mother was completely ignorant about life.

For the mother was involved with a man who was 14 years her senior and had not any holy intentions about the mother—this evil man was only using the mother for his depraved sexual urges.

Even so, the mother was so infatuated with that man that she could not see his intentions. Fortunately, her priest friend could see what the mother couldn’t see and her priest friend secured the funds necessary to ship the mother to the USA.

When the mother left Guatemala she was not yet aware of her emotional shape and she thought to be OK because she thought that she was only coming to America for a short while, long enough to learn English and secure a job in the Airline Industry.

But in reality, she arrived at New Orleans, LA on the 7th day of October of 1959, age almost 20, confused and emotionally mixed up; with a heart and mind full of illusions of love because she was hoping that her prince charming was going to keep charming her at long distance.

The foolish mother thought that her departure would break her lover’s heart and quicken him to take her away on his white horse. She just knew that it was going to be so. What a foolish notion!

Even so, the Almighty had marked the destiny for this mother—A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family and her story continues in the next chapter. On to Chapter 9…


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