Chapter 1


And So The Story About A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family Begins To Develop.

Her giant of a father believed in education and hired teachers to teach his clan to read and write and arithmetic and this mother learned to read quickly at a young age.

But for the sake of public education this mother was removed from her safe but care free environment at the tender age of nine; she was brought to a different place not like her place of birth at all!

Then shortly after her arrival to that new place she was given to the care of a mistress who believed in applying a horse whip to administer discipline the young child.

Shocked and bewildered in this new set up the child spends the rest of her childhood in tears without anyone to comfort her in her distress because her own mother abandons her just at that time when she needed her the most.

Where did it all began?

In Vega Grande the far-flung land in Guatemala, C.A.

…a beautiful piece of land where the crystal clear waters of the river flowed while all the older youngsters gleefully climbed up that big rock to dive into the pond;

…and the birds sang and the squirrels swiftly climbed the trees and the roosters crowed and the bity yellow chicks pee-pee;

…and grandmother- abuelita Lucila would be on the lookout for the gabilan (hawk) least her precious chicks would wind up in the claws of the greedy Gabilan (hawk);

…and  the dogs barked and the cat’s meow and the cows’ moo-moo;

…and the workers would be engaged in the most intriguing tasks;

…and dona Julia would spend the mornings teaching young & old to read and write and arithmetic in the middle hut that served as the dining room as well as the school room;

…and in the afternoon the children ran & played & deep themselves in the cool water of the river;

…and in the evening the children played hide & seek until abuelita Lucila would gather them all around her to tell her ‘cuentos’—fairytales;

…and while abuelita would tell her cuentos all children sat mesmerized by her cuentos as well as by the blazing fire burning the brush the workers had diligently cleared off the land earlier in the day;

…and the next morning the sugar cane mill ran with the aid of two big oxen;

…and some workers would quickly stick the sugar canes  into the mill to squeeze the juice out of them;

…and the juice would smoothly ran in the channels connected to the big caldrons;

…and the big caldrons were filled to the brim with sugar cane juice while other workers would put sticks in the fire under those gigantic caldrons;

…and uncle Manuel would hold on to a gigantic wooden spoon stirring the juice;

…and soon the syrup would be just right;

…and uncle Manuel would supervise the pouring of the molasses into especial wooden molds like canoes;

…and the children were given their own cuts of sugar cane to deep into the molasses;

…and the children would turn those sugar cane cuts around and around to cool them off and let it set into a layer around the sugar cane cut;

…and then…

…the children would pull that layer off the sugar cane cut and stretch it and twist it over and over to turn the layer into sugar cane toffee!

…O what a joy that was! Sweets memories to cherish of a life long gone!

O well, that was quite a description of the first nine years of this Mother In A Dysfunctional Family. So what happened next? The fire! Yes a big fire and this mother missed it all while as a young child she slept. But when she got up in the morning … O the vivid recollection of the day after the fire has never left her.

For to her astonishment the hut for the kitchen was totally consumed; the abuela & the female workers were busy working on an improvised stove made out of three stones.

This mother looked around then as she stood there in silence she met her papa. Her papa was entering the sleeping hut and he lamented, “he was only a month old and he died” then she saw the tears flowing from her papa’s eyes—the only time she was ever going to see such a sight for her giant papa did not cry!

Yeap, her mama had given birth to another baby—papa named him Carlos Enrique and was so happy about his birth but the baby died! Carlitos died and the fire consumed the sugar cane crop along all supplies stored in that kitchen hut and it was the time of post war when all things were so difficult to get… the whole burden was too much for papa.

So shortly after the big fire her papa gathered his clan up and uprooted them; and so this mother was uprooted from her especial place of birth; papa brought his whole clan to another farm by the rail road to a house sitting on a dry hill nothing like those beautiful huts in that fertile piece of land called Vega Grande—the place of this mother’s birth!

But this mother adapted to her new environment only to be uprooted again; for it was then when one of his sons in law convinced papa that it was necessary to send her and her brother Juan to public school!

O what a tragedy! For her papa’s decision was only to begin six long years of torture for this unsuspecting mother. Six long years was such torture to last and such days left a scar in the soul of that mother that only the Almighty was to erase many years later.

And of that matter the writer will write in the next page on this especial online story…Chapter 2