Chapter 4

Man Against His Environment

Now, this mother was gifted with the ability to see what ordinary man cannot see. This gift caused her much distress for the lack of understanding everywhere she turned!

No one was able to understand her inner conflict with mankind and so there began her conflict with Man against his environment.

And so this mother builds herself a life of fantasy and sets her goals to make this a better world. Since she learns to read at a very young age because of the reading of many amazing books she builds herself a life of fantasy to live in this world happily ever after!

But in actuality this mother was totally ignorant not only of her gift but also of what to do about it. But in spite of her ignorance, this mother became seriously engaged in helping the underdog in this world.

To help troubled children became her passion even when she did not have the necessary emotional stability to achieve her noblest of intentions. Thus the conflict of Man against himself became a reality in her life because of her lack of emotional stability.

And for that reason she suffered two major nervous breakdowns plus the electric shock treatments that she underwent in 1995 which almost destroy her completely.

And of the details of such periods in her life it’s all written in the Journal of her life in the Presence of her Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. Thus such details will not be expounded in this writing.

For the present let’s go on to the next chapter to experience the great moment of this mother’s deliverance from her tumultuous life…Chapter 5


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