Chapter 6

The Higher Life Is Put On Hold Until The Redeemer Steps In Again To Lift The Mother Up & Call Her Into His Active Service…

This mother is empowered from on high to give up her lower human life existence and grab on to the higher life in the realm of the supernatural.

Yes this mother lived a tumultuous life until a memorable day of June 20, 1985. For it was on that day that the Redeemer of our souls stepped into the direct actuality of this mother’s life and changed her from the inside out forever!

From that day forward this mother began the most amazing journey under the authority of her Redeemer.

Then at the end of 1992 she suffered the loss of her most beloved friend & protector on these earthly grounds resulting in a lapse in her journey of twelve years.

Twelve years of living depending on doctors and drugs to alleviate all her troubles under the assumption that it all came from Father. She thought to have Father’s grace & favor because she had committed herself to Him.

But after twelve years of living a life of compromise as it seemed right to her she came to the point of death in May of 2007 as the result of the gigantic hold that medicine had on her since 1995.

Again the Redeemer of our souls stepped into the direct actuality of her life on September 15, 2007 and convicted her again for living a carnal life instead of her supernatural life she had grabbed on for a while.

For at that time she was living on drugs and enjoying a good life of helping the widows and shut ins in spite of her ill health.

Good as her life was it was not what her Maker chose for her. And so on that day she was so convicted that immediately she got up and flushed almost $1000.00 worth of prescribed drugs, cancelled all her medical appointments and quit the position that she assumed instead of her call to write for the honor of her Maker.

Totally an insane act that alienated this mother from her children who feared she would wind up in the mental institution again!

Indeed! Her ‘insane act’ according to the human mind turned out to be the most sane & sound act this mother was ever to perform; for almost immediately after her conviction & ‘insane act’ her health leaped and she began in the road to recovery not only of her physical health but also of her mind and emotions and mainly her spirit being!

We have come to the year 2013. She is now almost 74 and she has no need for doctors anymore because she is in perfect health of her body, mind, emotions and spirit though she is not free from pain & bodily discomforts.

For the Almighty Creator of our beings did for her in a matter of a few months what the medical profession could not do for better than twelve long years; and the truth be told for better than fifty years of her life that she had faithfully consulted with the professionals to solve all her problems.

Then on April 27, 2008 her Maker called her to go to the lost sheep of Israel and bring them the good news of their identity. And her Maker instructed her to give away all her belongings and trust Him for her support from then on!

She obeyed the call and now she lives the supernatural life that our Redeemer offered to all while He walked among mankind.

Even though, her life does not meet the approval of the carnal mind of mankind; for the carnal mind is an enmity to the mind of the Almighty Creator of our beings.

And so she is a victim of many who oppose the truth that she proclaims, but for her comfort the Almighty give her glimpses from time to time of all that He has accomplished in the hearts of many because of her obedience to all of His instructions in spite of the opposition and her worldly reputation of mental instability.

And finally, to conclude this chapter let me state that the life that this mother now lives is not the life of glamour & splendor not even a nice & steady life devoid of any troubles. Indeed! Nothing in the realm of the supernatural has any resemble to glamour & splendor nor even an steady life of beauty sitting by the river shores enjoying the singing of the birds and the sound of smooth waters!

Indeed at first sight, this mother seems to be no different than before. Yet, the core an essence of her existence now is far above and beyond her former erratic doings.

And such matter shall come to surface as this story continues in the next & future chapters. Let’s go on to Chapter 7.


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