Chapter 3

The Conflict Of Man Against Himself Begins…

After many years of gruesome distress this mother is placed in a more suitable environment to continue her education but then she experiences the death of her giant father and she is left without any foundation of father or mother at the young age of seventeen. And the conflict of Man against himself begins for this mother who begins to question her existence from that young age.

Eventually this mother graduates as a Grammar School Teacher and University preparation. Unfortunately, this mother had spent her young years secluded in the boarding house for young ladies under the care of the Catholic nuns while attending school and in that seclusion this mother had no inkling of the real world.

So she graduates with only one goal in her mind—to continue her education; she knew nothing else but school & education disconnected with the real world of work to eat or not work and go hungry.

And so, the day after the graduation ceremony she was released to her legal guardian—her father’s son, a lawyer by profession. This guardian informs her that she was to go to work not to the University!

That being the case and since this mother was of legal age by that time this mother rebels against her guardian and goes on her own to fend for her own self!

Tragically, in her naiveté she was seduced by a man 14 years older than her; but this man promises marriage to this mother only to make this unsuspecting mother into his sex slave.

Father Buchelato—a good Priest in the American Catholic church in Guatemala City became this mother’s confidant & advisor; and Father Buchelato was well aware that this man was evil and had no intentions to marry this foolish mother.

And Father Buchelato helped this mother to leave Guatemala and make it to the USA with the goal to learn English and get employment in the airline industry.

Again her new goal did not materialize. Instead she married and gave birth to three beautiful girls within the first four years of marriage. But after nine years she went through her first divorce.

Three years after the first divorce she re-marries and became the mother for three more girls from her second husband’s first marriage. And also in this second marriage she adopts a son making 7 the number of children under her care for twelve years.

For this second marriage lasted twelve tumultuous years only to end in a very dramatic second divorce. Thus was the end of this mother’s efforts to function in a Dysfunctional Family.

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