Chapter 9

The Almighty provides a loving family for the Mother.

This family needed the Mother to take care of their little 2 yr. old girl and so they gave a home to the Mother and sponsored her to reside in the USA.

The mother was totally ignorant of the English language but with the help and patience from her loving sponsor, within two months she had enough command of it to survive.

The Mother could have then begun to undertake the pursuit for a career in the Airline Industry but the pursuit for a career ended when the Mother started dating the gentleman who became her first husband.

This happen so because in only a matter of weeks the stark reality and tormenting agony of disillusion had taken hold of the Mother when the Mother realized that she had been jilted. And by the time the Christmas Holidays came the Mother was a wrecked, confused, and a broken hearted twenty-year-old young lady.

And so, her beloved sponsor gave a Christmas eve party to introduce  the Mother  around and to cheer  her  up. That’s when the Mother met the gentleman who became her first husband.

Such were the circumstances that Christmas eve in 1959 when the Mother first met the man who became her first husband five months later.

Entangled in the net of the stark reality and tormenting agony of disillusion, the Mother grabbed on to what she thought to be true love, and rode away on the wheels of a whirlwind of romance that whirled her into marriage.

Just about 3 years later, when the Mother was already mother of a beautiful baby girl and expecting her second, the whirlwind of romance began to die and the Mother realized that she was in trouble.

The Mother’s second beautiful baby girl was born. Eleven months later, her third beautiful girl was born.

By that time the whirlwind of romance had turned into a whirlwind of troubled emotions that blew her marriage away. About ten years later the Mother was divorced from her first husband. What a sad, sad event took place in the life of the Mother!

For along with the divorce from her husband the Mother divorced her Creator also because accordingly to her Catholic religion at that time divorce was not permitted. One divorced, one was penalized & forbidden to take communion among other restrictions.

So, the mother shrugged her shoulders giving way to a life of immorality for about three shameful years of her existence.

Then after those shameful years the lifestyle of the Mother came to be for nine long years what is called in the realm of mental health, ‘a battered woman’ …


The Almighty prevailed …


Without failed…

The Almighty …

On His time …

Lifted the Mother Up …

To His confine!

And such is the subject for the next chapter on the Story of A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family—True Story. On to Chapter 10…


One thought on “Chapter 9”

  1. Oh My God Bless this beautiful Lady I never imagined her life was like this. She was a wonderful person that would have done or shall I say even given you her last penny. Open her heart to anyone that needed her she was a beautiful friend . My God our Father lead he to the Promise Land and raise her up in Glory. Love You Diane

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